Hello and welcome to Balanced by Brit! If you’re reading this that means I finally got the courage to hit publish on this blog and am probably feeling pretty nervous and vulnerable, but also relieved and proud. I have been thinking of starting a nutrition related blog for a while now, and this unexpected time at home gave me the perfect opportunity to start. I am still learning the ropes and brainstorming, but I knew that if I ever wanted to do this that I just had to go for it, otherwise the perfectionist in me would never feel ready.

My goal is to share recipes I love, nutrition information that I learn, sustainable switches that benefit our environment and other interests that I have. I want people to know that there is no perfect way to live your life, which is why I believe balance is so important in all aspects of it! This is what that means for me in a few aspects of my own life…

Nutrition- Though I am still only a dietetics student, I am a believer in Intuitive Eating and the Health At Every Size (HAES) approach. These are both non-diet based and allow for balanced and healthy diets without harmful restrictions. They promote body acceptance and the idea that there is no single perfect diet or body size.

This was an amazing brunch that included both protein and carbs. A balanced and healthy diet can include both and not be restrictive, allowing you room to enjoy yourself and be happy!

Sustainability- We live in a materialistic world and anyone who knows me, knows that I like to online shop. However, as I learn more about our environmental issues, I am trying to purchase more sustainable products and limit my waste. Environmental sustainability isn’t about everyone going zero waste, it’s about everyone making the simple changes that they can to consciously reduce our impact on the environment.

Caring for the environment is important for more reasons that I could write, but some simple reasons to care include the protection of wildlife that call this place home and ensuring that these beautiful landscapes don’t disappear.

This blog is definitely pushing me outside of my comfort zone already, but that’s something that makes me proud and am excited for (but still scared). I have already rediscovered my love of photography while taking recipe pictures and I can’t wait to keep trying new things and improving! Thanks for following along with me as I start this new hobby and I hope you’ll enjoy it just half as much as I do!!


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