Sustainable Swaps: Wool Balls

Wool ball car diffusers/ decoration pictured on the left and wool dryer balls on the right.

My family recently started making our own wool balls, as we have a surplus of wool from when we used to have some sheep at our farm. It’s a simple and fun process, using only wool and possibly some dye. If you’re local to KC, follow @nseasonshawnee and @balancedbybrit on Instagram to find out when we will be selling these items at our farm stand!

Wool balls can have many different purposes that can turn into easy sustainable swaps for you to make in your life! Two ways to do this is by using larger wool balls in the dryer to replace dryer sheets and using smaller ones that are strung together as both a car diffuser and decoration. You might still be wondering why you should make this switch or how these products are used, so let me further explain…

Wool Dryer Balls

Switching from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls is a super simple and easy swap to make in your life that is a more sustainable choice. Using wool dryer balls has many benefits, such as reducing waste, limiting chemicals/ toxins and saving you money!

Dryer sheets are usually only used once, then thrown away. This adds up if you think about how often you do laundry and how many other people use dryer sheets for their laundry too. Wool dryer balls have the same benefits of reducing wrinkles, while also cutting down on drying time. They can be used for years and are made only of wool (and possibly some dye), which means you save money and don’t need to worry about toxins or chemicals!

If you like using dryer sheets to get a fresh scent, you can add essential oil drops to your wool dryer ball prior to adding it in with your clothes. This way, you can choose your favorite scent (lavender for me!) and not have to worry about all the chemicals that are getting on your clothes and then touching your skin.

Wool Ball Car Diffusers/Decoration

These are super cute and versatile additions to any car! We are making ones that can be hung on your rearview mirror or clipped onto your air vent. These can add a pop of color and some fun decoration to your car, along with diffusing the essential oil of your choice. Again, this sustainable swap is great because it is a reusable and isn’t full of all the chemicals that are in most car air fresheners.

I hope these simple sustainable swap ideas make you think about the changes you can make in your own life and how easy it can be if you are just more conscious of the products you are using. Again, we will be selling these products and other goodies at our farm stand later in the year, so stay tuned for that if you’re local to KC!

Remember, it’s not about everyone going completely zero waste, it’s about people making lifestyle changes where they can that work for them… balance!


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